How we work

Our aim is to bridge the gap between you and your overseas issue, and to provide an alternative to expensive gilded international law firms

Our team of local legal consultants are on call in Moscow to provide the personal attention, advice and service we know is so valuable, whilst our select UK and European law firms tackle your problem on the ground. You pay for local service and overseas solutions, not expat packages and padded fees.


Step 1 - Initial Consultation


An initial confidential consultation with a local legal consultant allows us to understand your problem in detail, to advise on initial options for resolution, and decided which of our partner law firms will be best suited to address your needs.


Step 2 - Referral to select UK/European partner firm



Once we have deep understanding of your situation and needs, we refer your case to the appropriate partner Law Firm.


Step 3 - Local Support



Our Moscow team will be on call to keep you informed regarding the progress of your case, and to assist with the execution of any administration that may be required in order to ensure at all times that even though the problem may be far the solution is close.